Maatschappelijk betrokken en verantwoord ondernemen

De levering en beheer van een veilige digitale werkplek met dito applicaties en aanverwante dienstverlening vereist hoogopgeleide mensen met verschillende kwaliteiten. In onze samenleving wordt [...]

2 ways for an improved Cyber resilience

Over the past few weeks/months there where numerous cases of ransomware and data breaches. As a result, it looks like 100% safety and certainty is becoming the norm. Making this happen is [...]

4 steps to detect a hacker and its attempts

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, the “success” of a hacker and its malware starts with a working connection. The content was about 3 automated steps that brings this “success” ratio [...]


3 steps to keep ransomware out

The “succes” of a hacker and its ransomware always starts with a working connection! However, with 3 automated steps you can bring this “success” ratio close to zero; provided these steps are [...]


Troubleshooting TCP connections: 5 fact sheets

One of the previous blogs explained a 3-step troubleshooting approach if applications, cloud services and networks are not behaving as expected. Part of this is step 2: user plane, network [...]


Security and performance health check: the proof is in the numbers

Quite some security, network and other TCP-connection analysts consider it mandatory to store all the packets when doing their magic. While there are certainly cases where you need the packets, I [...]


best-practice – Service management for applications and cloud services

Typically, SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) of applications, cloud services and networks are based on availability and limited to the boundaries that are in direct control of a specific provider. [...]


best practice – A jump start to end-to-end performance monitoring

In our day-to-day practice as TCP relationship therapists (aka TCP connection troubleshooters) for cloud services, applications and networks we have learned that putting a TCP session data [...]

case study: diagnosing Citrix/SAP connections

To assure compliance and full support, companies upgrade their Citrix/SAP instances on a regular basis. More often than not, users are complaining about the Citrix connections being slow compared [...]


Application health check: integrating a packet sniffer in a hybrid network

In our day-to-day job as TCP relationship therapists we regularly receive requests for a quick application health check in one of those turbocharged, high secure hybrid networks; each with their [...]

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