A quick and easy way to keep your TCP-relationships healthy

Visibility-as-aService (aka VaaS; powered by Allegro Packets) is designed for application-aware network teams who have to deal with public and private Cloud services (i.e. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) not behaving as expected.   😀

No upfront investments

The enabler behind Visibility-as-a-Service is an easy-to-use subscription based network visibility / network monitoring solution that matches your current and future network and applications:

  • Baseline your cloud applications, network services and end-user devices on:
    • availability
    • performance
    • vulnerabilities
  • Fix network and application problems before and after datacenter & cloud migrations.
  • Right-size your existing and new (SD-)WAN; including any latency issues.
  • Quick and smooth deployments of new applications.

Where easy-to-use means all hardware, software and knowledge is included… no upfront investments in products and training… even if just for a short period! For example before and after a Cloud– or SD-WAN type of transition.   💡

360 degrees granular visibility

  • Every user session, every application transaction and every network annex storage path
  • 24×7, near real-time visibility on business activities and application transactions
  • 100% of the application transactions and network traffic is analyzed; going from OSI layer 2 to application transactions
  • All details about performance and error conditions
  • End-to-end, multi-segment analysis without Wireshark

Scope of transaction analysis

  • Web applications (HTTP | HTTPS)
  • Native apps ( iOS and Android )
  • Web API calls
  • dot-Net, Java, Ruby-on-rails, PHP and Node.js
  • Databases (all industry standard SQL flavours)
  • Domain Name Services (DNS)
  • File and print sharing (aka SMB/Samba)
  • VoIP
  • Microsoft Services (RPC)
  • Citrix (NetScaler & XenApp)

The next step

Fill in the form on the top on the top right hand of this page and we are happy to demonstrate how we contribute to your goals with Visibility-as-a-Service! Additional information is available here (English) and here (Nederlands).

Finding the root-cause for applications and cloud services not behaving as expected is experienced as looking for needles in a haystack.

The shortest path to answers is Visibility-as-a-Service!  😀

Find the needle in the haystack

Talk to us and we will show you how to find the needle(s)!

Powered by Allegro Packets – for a quick and easy way to make your XaaS run like clockwork!

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