Company profile and references

IT visibility is an organization supporting small and large companies with an easy-to-use and healthy application/IT-environment. This starts with end-to-end, ZeroRisk communication between the different domains and components. Since more than 90% of this communication is TCP-based, we call ourselves TCP-relationship therapists.

The image below shows several organizations we served with our Visibility-as-a-Service and Troubleshooting-as-a-Service; varying from packet level analysis to code-level analysis:

  • The multimedia app known as DaisyLezen (from Dedicon).
  • Several applications as used by the Dutch embassies across the globe.
  • The SAP/Citrix environment of the German stock exchange as used in their offices in Frankfurt and Luxemburg.
  • The ERP-application used by Sabic (i.e. former DSM) for scheduled maintenance on their production plants.
  • The student management system known as Magister and Eduarte; used by dozens educational institutions.

People and organizations we served

People and organizations we helped with their decision making process